About Us

About us

To achieve self-sufficiency in the realm of manufacturing non-stick cookware, Kaj nachasb Company started its business since 1983. Benefiting from more than quarter of century in the field of manufacturing and selling non-stick  pans and also exporting them to more than 20 countries all around the world, this Company constantly takes strong steps toward making progress in producing and supplying new products. Accordingly through evaluating the past 10-year perspective, it attempts to make strategic plans in order to increase its local and foreign market share and to gain more of customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the Company gives priority to train its employees and foster their knowledge and motives to obtain their maximum involvement; to exploit modern and high tech equipments and machineries so as to manufacture high quality products; and to investigate and analyze data in order to improve manufacturing process continuously. The final aim of Kaj nachasb company is to achieve customer satisfaction through accurately identifying expectation of customers and meeting their willing  including high quality products, on time delivery and appropriate price.

In order to manufacture high quality products and consequently to draw customer satisfaction, the Company not only utilizes the latest technology, applies modern technical knowledge and uses the best materials available but it also benefits from high quality control equipment with the advanced hardware and software which monitors inputs as well as final products. Furthermore, manufacturing process is ceaselessly monitored by computerized system. In addition to manufacturing nonstick pans by pressed and Die-casting  methods, in 2008 the Company obtained the “license of technology development and implementation” and after purchasing the relevant machineries, began to manufacture of nonstick production  by pressurized casting method (Diecasting)

Manufacturing lines:

-          Quality control laboratory and equipment

-          Full automatic sand blast machines to prepare substructure and even surface

-          Continuous furnance to curing primer, Teflon and color

-          Full automatic coloring machineries (PLC)

-          Machining with full automatic turning machines (CNC)

-          Full automatic diecasting machines of Europe technology which are equipped by PLC

-          Aluminum melting furnace

-          Packaging automation

-          Roughness measurement

-          Digital thermometer

-          Digital thickness gauge

-          Various types of chemical test methods including erosion test and nonstick test 

-          Various mechanical test methods (PTFE stickiness test, color stickiness test, etc)

Measures taken so as to preserve and keep up competitive capability at adherence and international levels are as follows:

1.      Starting up an aluminum diecasting and melting plant and manufacturing pots and pans by diecasting method in Iran with the help of the latest technology of Europe

2.       Exporting nonstick products to more than 20 countries all around the world including Persian Gulf neighboring countries and countries of Middle Asia, Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia

3.      Obtaining “Standard Award” (coating and casting) from Iran Industrial Research & Standard Institute

4.      Achieving certificate of ISO 9001 from TUV NORD COMPANY, Germany

5.      Achieving certificate of ISO14001,OHSAS 18001(2007)from UKAS company of Grate Britain.

6.      Receiving exploitation permission from Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education

7.      Becoming a member of the Trade Association of Nonstick Pans Manufactures

8.      Becoming a member of the Trade Association of Casting Industry

9.      Becoming a member of the Trade Association of Diecasting Engineering

10.  Becoming a member of the Trade Association of Casting Industries

11.  Becoming a member of the Standard Logo Holders Association

12.  Becoming a member of Tehran South Industries Association

13.  Receiving “recognition tablet” of professional quality and standard exhibition

14.  Receiving “Recognition Tablet” from international exhibition of appliances and consumable  goods in the years 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

15.  Receiving “Recognition Tablet” from appliances and acoustic- pictorial equipment held in 2006

16.  Obtaining “Recognition Tablet” from the Iran international appliances exhibition held in Russia, 1999  

17.  Receiving “Recognition Tablet” from the first international exhibition held in Afghanistan in 2006

18.  Receiving “Recognition Tablet” from international exhibition held in Erbil, Iraq in 2011

19.  Receiving “Recognition Tablet” from specialized exhibitions of Islamic Republic of Iran held outside the country (Romania, Russia, Iraq, etc)