About Company kaj Teflon

To achieve self-sufficiency in the realm of manufacturing non-stick cookware, Kaj nachasb Company started its business since 1983. Benefiting from more than quarter of century in the field of manufacturing and selling non-stick  pans and also exporting them to more than 20 countries all around the world, this Company constantly takes strong steps toward making progress in producing and supplying new products. Accordingly through evaluating the past 10-year perspective, it attempts to make strategic plans in order to increase its local and foreign market share and to gain more of customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the Company gives priority to train its employees and foster their knowledge and motives to obtain their maximum involvement; to exploit modern and high tech equipments and machineries so as to manufacture high quality products; and to investigate and analyze data in order to improve manufacturing process continuously. The final aim of Kaj nachasb Company is to achieve customer satisfaction through accurately identifying expectation of customers and meeting their willing  including high quality products, on time delivery and appropriate price.

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